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The Route to War

Explore this 60+ mile loop through War, VA

Breaks interstate park

Located in Jefferson Forest, Breaks Interstate Park is located in both southeastern Kentucky and southwestern Virginia. This bi-state park is only one of two of its kind in the entire country. The park is referred to as the Grand Canyon of the South because it is the deepest gorge that can be found east of the Mississippi River. Just under two hours of beautiful mountain driving from historic Tazewell, VA, Breaks Interstate Park makes for an amazing scenic day trip.

Burkes garden

Burke's Garden is well known as God's Thumbprint. This valley is one of the highest in Virginia sitting at an elevation of 3,000 ft. Due to it's shape, a common misconception of Burke's Garden is that it is an ancient dormant volcano. While in fact, Burke's Garden was created by the colapse of limestone caverns. Make sure to stop by Mattie's Pies and explore the 12 mile scenic loop. The road up to Burke's Garden is similar to the Tail as it is constant turns and many switchbacks but with a much better view at the end.

back of the dragon

Back of the Dragon (HWY 16) runs between Marion and Tazewell. Back of the Dragon is the only designated motorcycle road in the state of VA. It is over 30 miles long and has over 400 curves. Back of the Dragon runs through three mountain ranges offering over 3500 feet of elevation changes. This unique road's features along with the amazing views blows the tail and others away!